Twenty Four Piece Box of Creams


Twenty Four Piece Box of Creams 5

We hand roll 31 flavors of butter creams and hand dip them in Rich Belgium Chocolate. Each day, we make fondant from real butter and fine ingredients with no artificial preservatives. Our creams are available in milk, dark and white belgium chocolate.

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Cream Choices- Pick at least 24 Amaretto Cream (0) Banana Cream (0) Bavarian Cream (0) Old Fashion Buttercream (0) Caramel Apple (0) Chocolate Covered Cherries (0) Coconut (0) Cookie Dough (0) Cookies and Cream (0) Espresso (0) Funky Monkey (Banana/Peanut Butter) (0) Key lime Cream (0) Lemon Cream (0) Maple Bacon Cream (0) Mint Chocolate Chip (0) Mint Patties (0) Orange Cream- Dark Chocolate (0) Orange Cream- Milk Chocolate (0) Orange Cream- White Chocolate (0) Peanut Butter (0) Raspberry Cream (0) Root Beer Cream (0) Strawberry Cream (0) Toffee Cream (0) Turtle Cream (0) All Selection Mostly Dark Chocolate (0) All Selection Mostly Milk Chocolate (0) You pick your most popular creams (0)