12 Piece Box of Creams


12 Piece Box of Creams 4

If 24 pieces of butter creams are too many, order a 12 piece of our butter creams made from scratch using fresh butter and qualitity ingredients. Each cream is individually rolled and hand dipped in Beligum Chocolate. We offer a wide choice of flavors in milk, dark or white chocolate.

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Cream Choices- Choose 12 Amarretto Cream (0) Bavarian Cream (0) Banana Cream (0) Buttercream (0) Chocolate Covered Cherry (0) Coconut (0) Cookies & Cream (0) Espresso (0) Funky Monkey (0) Key lime Cream (0) Lemon Cream (0) Maple Bacon (0) Maple Cream (0) Mint Chocolate Chip (0) Peppermint Pattie (0) Orange Cream (0) Peanut Butter (0) Raspberry Cream (0) Strawberry Cream (0) Toffee Cream (0) Turtle Cream (0) I prefer most of my creams to be Dark Chocolate (0) I prefer most of my creams to be Milk Chocolate (0) Mix them equally between Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate (0)
12 Piece Box of Creams